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Good service If not a little over priced

We live in the middle of no where in a black spot for TV so getting internet, TV and phone all in one was our main objective, also getting away from rubbish telephone companies was another reason.
We joined SKY 3 1/2 years ago and they have been fantastic!
Firstly we had an intermittent fault on our line which the previous supplier denied that was sorted within a month of moving over... then we had an extra TV box for my children BONUS! We had deals on the subscriptions for well over 2 years and our total bill every month was always under £60 for everything, unlimited broadband, calls and TV!
The only complaint I have about SKY is when our initial deals ran out our bill went up to £80 a month which is more than we can comfortably afford so we had to drop some of the TV stations and change our telephone subscription meaning our bills are a little random now from £55-70 a month. Any issues we have is a free phone call away to mainly british call centres and problems are generally fixed within 24-48hours.
All in all they could do with making their TV package cheaper I think they are over priced considering we already have to pay for a TV license. But everything else is spot on, Thank you SKY.


Terrible service, unhelpful call centres!

Disgusted with BT, over the passed 12 years we have had times when BT had to supply our telephone line and they have made our lives hell every since!
12 years ago I moved in with my partner who decided that we needed a telephone and internet access, we had everything plumbed in so to speak and off the line went no issues until we got a bill for over £200, it included a line fitting which we shouldn't have paid and telephone calls to numbers that we had never heard of... BT would not back down that the numbers were nothing to do with us and we had to pay the bill which took over 2 years!!! to sort out, we then left BT...... 6 years later we moved into our current property, there was a telephone line here that BT stated was not in use, they came in and re-connected it... It didn't work, they then said that there was not a line to the property and connected a new one giving us a new area code (which we told them was not in our area), this line did not work it was the wrong area code!!! OMG suprise suprise! They then came in a did loads of checks and told us that we had changed something in the house that had corrupted the line !!!WHAT!!!, They proceeded to fix it and gave us another telephone number, guess what wrong area code! we had all the lines dissconnected as none of them were actually fed to our house... (my dad happens to be an ex BT manager and came round to look into what the hell was going on) we went 6 months without a phone line but this wasn't the issue... I will continue....
Finally we managed to get them to connect to our local sub station giving us the correct area code, yay we had a phone line! after a month of using it the phone started to crackle and pop while we were on it, the internet was intermittent and to be honest it wasnt worth us having it, then we started getting bills for the dissconnected numbers and charges for call outs and dissconnection charges... of course I went up the wall at them and everytime I phoned I got the line 'we are sorry for inconvenience caused' you guessed it FOREIGN CALL CENTRES! They didnt have a clue why I was complaining, they couldn't sort out the bills and worse of all couldn't sort out the line issues as there wasn't one apparantly this went on for a whole year until our contract finally expired and we were able to change supplier. As soon as we changed we got another bill telling us we had cancelled our contract early and owed a total of over £500 to BT for usage and dissconnection..... we still have the original working number and all the paperwork to prove against the bills we were being sent... its now been 3 1/2 years and our phone line and internet are great with our current supplier (NOT BT) but BT are still trying to take us to court for money that they say is owed to them...
Review closure.....
Complete incompetent staff from the call centre to the engineers, they have no clue what they are doing and pass the buck on to their customers!!!!
NEVER AGAIN will I use them for anything!


over half the time USELESS

Now and again I go in and I get what I needed, even then It's so expensive!!!
The rest of the time I end up shaking my head at the employees who haven't got a clue what they are selling and leaving.
I don't need to say any more.

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Emergency grab only!

I would love to be able to say that I like Waitrose but I really don't, the reason ... Money ....
Thats the only reason, the food is good, the service is good, the options are good, the price is rubbish..... beans are beans, bread is bread, butter is butter... so why pay more from waitrose if I don't need to.
I'm afraid I shop else where.

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Reasonable, but don't use home delivery!

Iceland is great for people that either don't or can't cook real meals... and for people that just don't have time to slave over the stove for 2 hours!!
I find that the overall selection is quite poor really, Pizza, chips, chicken nuggets, microwave meals, fish, frozen (expensive) joints, cakes, puddings, sweets, crisps.... and really poor on the fresh fruit and veg!!
Theres nothing to allow you to make meals its just an unpack chuck in oven and eat style shop.
However- I do shop in iceland im not bad mouthing it, in todays economic climate its a god send to be able to feed the kids for under £40 a week!
I thought that it would also be a god send to have home delivery but I was so wrong..... Our order took 24hours to arrive after the Driver got lost took our shopping back to the store and left it there over night!! no phone call nothing, we then had to eat out that night costing us over £45 in total for fuel and food...... I have to say despite not using the delivery ever again the shop manager refunded us the total of our shopping to refund for the meal we had to pay out for! We still got our shopping...
So overall if you don't mind eating man made reconstituted and easy heat meals, or you just can't keep affording the supermarkets hyped up prices... Iceland gets a thumbs up from me.

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Over priced, unhealthy, stressful and less than good quality

I think my title says it all!
Everytime I go into Tesco I spend at least £35 and generally come away with one bag of shopping essentials!
The fruit/veg section always has mouldy food in it, and despite always reporting it nothing is ever done to prevent the food going on sale like it.. YUK!
The layout is appalling, I can never find what I want without having to ask and then when I find it they change the shop around..
Theres far too much commercial holiday stuff in stores to the point that I wonder where my shopping for food is going to come from??!!
Personally unless I really have to Tescos is my last resort!

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Good idea, watch out for scammers!

Ebay I think is a great Idea, it works for me... anything I no longer want gets chucked on there for someone worse off and items I need are generally available, Christmas shopping has been mad 40% cheaper and less of a stressful experience. Most ebayers are helpful and honest but there are some that are just out to scam you! Paying via paypal is the safest way to make sure you can get your money back if something goes wrong or you get scammed! All in all I have no complaints, good job really as I have dealt with the call centre once and they are to say the least a little useless.

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Great quality, good service, disabilities catered for!

After years of chopping and changing supermarkets finally finding one that does everything it says on the tin has been difficult. Sainsbury's is the closest one to that mark, The online ordering and delivery service is 90% foolproof, although I do find I have to switch off the substitutes as some of the replacements are questionable. Delivery is always on time, the driver is polite and understanding, and they take a number of cards including electron and solo!!! Which is a bonus for most people (unlike tesco!) Products are not always the cheapest however are great quality and easily replacable if they do not meet my standards. The Nectar card is great... I use it everywhere I go and it saves me a fortune over the year (last year over £65 just over a weeks shopping) Sainsbury's has an easy layout of products allowing you to just pop in and grab or spend an hour doing the weekly shop, I do find I spend time wandering around the home section though spending more money than I needed to and buying items that I don't actually need, its very clever the way the layout is in sainsbury's! (or I have no self control lol) Staff are always friendly and helpful and seem to have gone through a reasonable level of training.
The scan as you shop gadgets are fab, it makes sure you don't go over budget on your shop, the only annoying part is when you get up to the till and have to have a re-scan! although you can help yourself here, make sure you scan everything that goes in your trolley or basket, the more sainsbury's can trust you with your shopping the less likely you will get re-scans!
I would also like to point out in this review that I have a disabled relative who also uses sainsbury's in a number of stores across the country (mainly as I live in essex and she is in shropshire) we have never had an issue borrowing any form of wheelchair or acquiring goods from the top shelf at any of the 5 stores we regularly use, they also have ramps for the cash machines and a lower machine for wheelchair access.
All in all a great all round supermarket!

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Great service and goods!

We have been purchasing items from 3000rpm for the last 6 years. Our small business relies on fast shipping/deliveries and good quality products, which is exactly what we get from 3000rpm. Any issues with a delivery are sorted within a very short space of time. My exprience of 3000rpm has always been and I hope will continue to be reliable, professional, quality and great budgeted company. Items we have bought include, printers, inks, cds, cases, flash drives, cd readers, speaker systems and various hard ware/ motherboards/ soundcards etc. We are overall very satisfied with thus company and shall continue to purchase items and spread the word about them.

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