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Nice hardware but very frustrating registration process

I recently became an Apple user by buying an IMac and upgrading to an IPad and IPhone combo from Best Buy/Car Phone Warehouse. All seemed well until I had to register my products and upgrade the operating system on the IMac because the mail app wouldn't work with the email address they had given me as it wasn't ICloud friendly.
First the Apple on-line software wouldn't recognise my IMAC or IPAD serial numbers and all the staff could say was it was it was a known problem so I was told I would need to upload my receipt, then the system would not accept either a scan or photo of the receipt and there was no other way of going forward which was most annoying.
After a number of time consuming back and forth conversations with Apple care staff and many frustrated attempts to register on my part I had to take the computer back to the store so they could try to resolve the problems. They didn't have any more success than me so in the end they had to take my new IMAC back, transfer all of my data across to another new system and give me the new Imac. I am a small business user and I found it to be a very frustrating experience that cost me a week I could ill afford, add to that the fact that Apple seem to think you don't need manuals for any of their equipment so you have to work everything out for yourself and the mail app doest actually retrieve emails but only downloads copies so you need a means of clearing your mailboxes on-line and there would appear to be no Apple applications like Mail washer to do that its been a very frustrating experience and one I am beginning to regret so all in all I am not at all impressed. Its a shame as the Ipad and the Iphone are really nice but this experience has really soured things for me Apple needs to do something about that if that want more people to come over from Windows. In the meantime I am left still using my old Windows laptop to do mailbox house keeping, manage my email accounts and create patterns in CoralDraw as it looks like the Mac just isnt up to taking either job in a cost effective and efficient manner what a shame


Useful site where anything seems to be available

Recently become an Apple user and got the inevitable Itunes link. Not disappointed so far as you seem to be able to find everything. Some of the stuff seems a little over priced and the app can be a little frustrating as it doesn't always do what you expect particularly when you sync your devices but otherwise no complaints

Virgin Atlantic

Decent long haul flights at reasonable prices

Having been disappointed with the competitiors including American Airways and even BA these days we always fly Virgin Atlantic and to be honest we haven't been disappointed despite being stuck in one of their planes for a total of 17.5 hours on our last flight from Vegas because a dust storm trapped us on the runway for 7 hours.
The prices are usually competitive, we get air miles and so far our seating has been comfortable and just about provides enough leg room for hubby who is 5.11 despite the fact that we travel cattle class. Like most airlines the food can leave something to be desired and they don't always remember special requirements you order in advance but I have always found the staff polite and relatively courteous and we enjoy the flights so will continue to use them.


Good range of products and services but rather pricy

We have been with Virgin for years because we just cannot get the same broadband service elsewhere but if I am being honest I find their tele vision packages really expensive when you compare their charges to everyone elses even after taking into account loyalty discounts. Our area has gone digital so we recently upgraded our service to include the new Tivo box (more money) - great box with some really nice features but not as intuitive as the Sky box and the fact that you cannot turn off some of the features for example child protection is really frustrating as you cant watch anything during the day that you recorded at night without having to enter a pin number every time such a pain in a household full of adults


Great store but too easy to spend far too much

This is one of those stores I cannot visit without spending far too much money whether online or on foot. I think most of that is down to the fact that they have such a wide range of products though i do find some cost more than I can buy elsewhere, however to give credit where credits due there are many products that are cheaper than the competitors so its a case of shopping around.


Very useful wouldn't know what to do without it

I use trip advisor whenever we go abroad to find accommodation, amenities and just reviews of the places we want to visit. I find their service is invaluable and hopefully I do my bit by adding my reviews when I get home - great website

Pet Supermarket

Good range of products but service seems very slow

While Pet Supermarket has a good range of reasonably priced goods I have to say I am very disappointed with the service so far. I placed my order on the 8th November its now the 16th and I still haven't received anything as they said it wont reach me before the 18th if it arrives then as there seem to have been additional delays. That's at least 10 days which, compared to other pet companies I have ordered from, seems incredibly slow since most companies offer a next day service these days or at least the goods arrive in the same week!
I was equally surprised that it seems to take 3 days for them to turn around correspondence. That is how long it took them to tell me they did not have a colour slim cat ball I wanted and did I want to pick something else which was ridiculous since they did have three other colours of the same product in stock so why didn't they offer me one of those or just swap the colour as I am sure my cat wont care what colour he gets. Its also how long it took them to respond to my reply which again was very slow.

I haven't used Pet Supermarket for a while and I am afraid if this is typical of their service these days I am not likely to use them again in a hurry as I need my products quicker than that.

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