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Late delivery, rude staff

I ordered a gift from this company to be delivered next day as it was for a birthday present - I paid extra for this service. I stayed in all day and rearranged an important appointment in order to receive this. It did not arrive that day. I contacted them by e-mail as requested and they did not reply to me that day. I contacted the delivery company who informed me that it would be not be delivered until the day after the day I paid extra for it to be delivered on. They told me it was Yourdesign's responsibility. I then phoned Yourdesign and was contacted by an extremely rude and confrontational woman who claimed it was the delivery company's fault!!!! I think they need to liaise with each other!!! She had sent a reply to my e-mail to the person who the gift was for, therefore ruining the surprise. She claimed it was the only e-mail she had for me, however I specified an e-mail that I was to be contacted by when I ordered the gift and they sent the confirmation to that e-mail address! Laughable. She also claimed that they do not usually refund the next day delivery charge if it is not delivered on that day - what??!!! So it's the customer who loses out if they cannot provide the service they have accepted payment for. This also implies that it has happened on more than one occasion. Totally unacceptable.
I think Yourdesign need to train their staff in the art of customer service and good old-fashioned manners. It was supposed to be a present from my newborn baby to her dad - needless to say I won't be using this company again but the woman I spoke to didn't seem to care about this. Hopefully, other people will read this and not use this company. I am now staying in yet again to receive this item - another day wasted and more plans rearranged. Very difficult to do when you have a newborn baby.

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Victoria Haslam
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