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Clear accurate website and quick delivery at a competitive price, what more can you ask?

The main reason I tried this company is because it's one of the only companies that offer quality work wear with different trouser length's, being a short sparky getting 32" leg length just causes me extra pain getting them taken up,
They also had a great range of work wear at different prices allowing you to chose and they arrived with in a couple of days, More than happy with this company

Although product may be good, when something goes wrong their customer service is dreadful

Rang up to find out why my card had not arrived and was told they couldn't be held accountable for royal mail, she then said it would have explained on the delivery confirmation that it may not arrive for 3 days, I said that i'm reading the delivery confirmaton and it doesn't state anywhere she then said that it's in the terms and conditions and then accused me of being aggressive, i then popinted out that I wasn't being aggressive I'm jost pointing out something that you got wrong,

Will i be using them again NO NO NO

Mazuma Mobile

Money for nothing, with out any hassle

Quite surprised about how easy and how fast the experience was, had 4 old mobiles entered the emi they told me how much they were worth I printed an address lable posted them and got the money credited to my account with in 48hrs, awesome I was going to throw them in the bin.


Campmania, totally unreliable

Ordered a Gelert beyond 6, showed that it was in stock, ordered other items as well, recieved email saying gelert 6 was going to follow, rang the customer service waited from position 9 in queue, waited 53 minutes on phone total 1hr and 8 minutes, they said sorry wasn't in stock, they said should have phoned to check availability, said i tried was on phone 40 minutes and then had to pick up children from school, ended up with Gelert 8 but no footprint, Amanda told mre they didn't make a footprint for Gelert but when got back to websiite there it was, i sent an email of complaint, they didn't repsond, i sent another email two later asking for a response, it came within 1 hour, bog standard reply, response worthy of a 8year old, and lied about stating that there was no Gelert 8 footprint, they don't have a head office for complaints they rely on the poor service, this company shouldn't be in business. pass it on use anyone but these.
Colin ( Worcester)

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