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Never before have I experienced such poor customer service

I would not recommend this seller. If I could award zero stars I would.
Never before have I encountered such poor quality service.
Shed was delivered late, dropped and damaged at delivery. Thereafter a long tedious argument began with Gardeners Even though they admitted the shed was damaged they steadfastly refused any form of compensation. Barclaycard sided with me and tried unsuccessfully to obtain a refund. This company tried every trick even telling Barclaycard that they had offered compens or replacement parts and that i had not responded. The guile of this company is astonishing. Months later I have not received a penny in compensation from them. Do not buy from Gardeners Please read all the reviews you can find on this company.

01 December 2011

Reply from Gardeners World

Hi Keith,

Thank you for your review and for bringing your dissatisfaction to our attention. We have had a look through your order so we can investigate fully what has happened, and how we can handle a similar situation better in the future. We can assure you that this is not something that happens often and we will be working hard so this kind of unsatisfactory service is not received again.

Gardeners World has now been in operation since 2004 for over 8 years, the particular shed in question is produced by one of our leading manufacturers. They are extremely well made and built to last, which is why we sell them as we believe in their quality, as we want our products to be long lasting and extremely satisfactory for our customers. In this instance you have received a faulty part which we are always happy to replace if it is not to a satisfactory condition. We would like to apologise for the time that it took to help you with the shed you received.

We would once again like to apologise and thank you for choosing to order with us. We will e-mail you a copy of this response to the e mail address on your order, If you wish to be in touch with us please do not hesitate to contact us on the below details, we are happy to help with any further queries you may have.

Kind Regards,

The Team at Gardeners World.
Telephone : 0845 224 1484


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CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom