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Wilkinsons review

I shop at Wilkinsons regularly and get a variety of things from DIY products to bedding to toiletries and even food products. So the review centre is right to call it a all at one stop shop! The staff are friendly and I find that the prices are generally good. They also usually have what I need, only now and then do I need to go elsewhere for my DIY products, but for the odd nut and bolts or paint it's great. They even do wallpaper now!


argos review

needed a new pair of heaphones to replace the sub standard ones that came with my iPod Nano. I work right near an Argos store in Richmond so thought it would be my best bet. I used the online reserve facility as I didn't want to waste my time looking through the catalogue and then finding out what I wanted was out of stock whilst on my lunch break. I went in and at first was puzzled to see no staff on the tills until I heard someone pipe up "you ready to pay madam?" It was easy to hand over the scrap of paper I'd scrawled the reservation number on and once I'd paid I only had to wait 1 min. Staff were polite (unlike staff at the Chertsey or Peterborough stores) and it was pretty painless for once. Maybe the online reservation was what made it simple...


Woolworth's worth

Good Points: Woolworths seems to attract you in as if there is something you think you may need or you may have actully thought it never had it

Bad Points: Woolworths never seems to be open and all the shelves look bare these days.

low qualiy rubbish if it was their own brand stuff especially tools

General comments: a fantastic shop with nothing that i ever feel worth buying

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