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Looking at these reviews he's still getting away with what he pulled on me!

Had to remove my review after [name removed] ( well, that's the western name he went by then) deliberately withheld my money and required me to remove it before refunding me. I then didn't bother to redo the review, although I kept the e-mails to remind me to beware Futeko in the future.

However, I've been prompted to review again as I see he is still getting up the same tricks with other customers despite me being 'the only unsatisfied customer he'd ever had' .

Shame as there are probably a few good entrepreneurs around but this experience has made me think twice and I tend to get better value and less hassle sticking to the bigger players now.

Ebay feedback means nothing, you realise that you can cheat the eBay system through low price purchases etc to artificially alter your score and dissatisfied customers receiving forced paypal refunds can't leave feedback once the transaction is nullified so of course there's less negative feedback for him on there.

At least I know my poor experience wasn't isolated, although I do feel for anyone unlucky enough to have suffered at the hands of Futeko's petulant customer service.

I understand that [name removed] has immediately requested the review be pulled due to missing proof of purchase (so much for someone that doesn't even like trustpilot. I'll save the review text and email my receipt to trustpilot if that helps?


[name removed],
I've sent them my paypal receipt and also the nice email you sent where you told me you'd only refund me if i removed the trustpilot review.

Updated Again following comments!

'We have no idea who this person is'!!

I didn't wait until now, you made me remove my original review as you blackmailed me in order to receive my refund! I didn't repost it immediately as you asked I give you the benefit of the doubt. I did. You failed to improve! Your comments here demonstrate it, and I find it an interesting diversion to observe how your responses and claimed the world it out to get you and how good you are on other forums etc (i googled you and these reviews on trustpilot are actually your best ones!) :) . Until you realise you simply can't be as you are and provide poor and in some cases possibly even criminal service such as blackmailing to withhold refund without just cause, then you'll probably still get the 'few' reviewers who don't want others to suffer as they have!

Well top be fair [name removed], I DID have to send Trustpilot full evidence via all of the nasty emails and bribes as evidence before they would even host the review, and as you recall, it was you who blackmailed me to remove my original review otherwise you'd still be withholding my refund now, in contradiction of the UK's distance selling regulations!

Whilst I wish all entrepreneurs the best in their endeavors, your denial and claims of false reviews are an indication that you continue to trade as you did when I purchased from you, with bullying tactics and false claims that poor reviews are biased and from non-customers. I guess from your continued attitude as I bought from you in 2011 and you are still doing the same thing now to customers you'll never really change to being a fair person to deal with, but I do give credit where credit's due, and am glad I kept a folder with all of your wonderful email responses in it after all!

I'm as surprised as the next person to find that Trustpilot is actually impossible to leave a false negative review in as the business owner has total veto unless evidence can be provided, hence why the false positive from the original reviewer was retained!

And eBay % aren't representative as you can ransom people for feedback. Your ebay business and futeko are 2 separate entities. At least we agree on 1 thing, DPD are a good delivery service and Yodel are pretty poor in general!

All the best!


So bad they make the others look good!


Well, the resolution took far longer than it should have done but eventually I got through to someone able to effect change and received if not full compensation for the inconvenience at least something that wasn't a slap in the face.

I'd probably still avoid due to the hassle when things go wrong but I'm sure if nothing goes wrong they're the same as anyone else.

Original Review

Unbelievably poor customer services! never known anything like it in 15 years of online shopping!

Took money twice, 7 horus of calls to 'find' second amount. handset never delivered, but they couldn't find it without 'telephone number'. Millions of repeat questionos and holds from Indian call staff, very obstructive and rude.

Oh, and the 'complaints team'. Ha

We can't offer you that. Well, what can you offer me?

Some credit on your account?

Well, this fiasco has cost me around £140 in time

No, not that much

What then?

You have to activate the sim, then call us and we'll see what we want to put on it.

You think I'm EVER giving you business again?


How about the handset you were supposed to send me, how to activate without a handset?

Don't know

Can you send me a pre paid Sim instead?

No, we can't do that.

If it wasn't annoying it would have been a bit funny. With a bit of luck the 4G race will demonstrate that 3 are as expired as their name now is!

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Pretty Useless- update. Oh dear!!


Bertie, ta for your comment. ive given Flubit a try. success! you made an offer, i bought it.

you then delivered a different item to the one i ordered! whats this? the websire is now down for 2 days? so i cant arrange to retrun it and by the time i return from holidays im sure itll be fun arguing with your staff under the sale of goods act for a refund!

great experience so far!

Sadly a pretty useless company. Whenever they can't get a better deal (about 80+% of the time, so either I'm bargain hunter of the century or they're not very good and rely solely on purchase power discounts!) They say it's prohibited.

I.e PAYG Phones. They can certainly source them from amazon, as I have had the phone 'offered' when I found it at amazon. However, direct from 3 for instance, and it's 'ooooh that's prohibited'.

Incidentally, they DON'T have a telephone service, do not let the published number deceive you in to thinking they will answer the phone, it's a droll little automated selection followed by the phone ringing out, there's no one there.

More trouble than it's worth, had more value for money using topcashback and less time wasted too.

TNT Express

Above and Beyond - Leicester Depot

Always very difficult to be too wide ranging about a delivery company but I have to commend the delivery company TNT who were polite, efficient, helpful, and even waited when it took me an extra 3-4 minutes to get back to bring the delivery in, absolutely above and beyond in that case and very much appreciated by me!

Eurofit Direct

above and beyond

Great company. I did write a huge review but trustpilot is a fairly poor site and didn't save it when the page refreshed! Suffice to say, very impressed with Eurofit Direct and would use them again!

Axminster Tools & Machinery

great for woodturning stuff

used these guys to buy tools and bits and bobs for DIY onwards over the years, and have found them to be generally very good.

Sometimes they don't have the product in store but the deliveries I've had have been good with glitches ironed out well.


Almost no point in reviewing, you know who they are!

Always found them to be excellent, and they often set the standard for customer services. Astonighing considering the range of goods they carry, they're my go to site (and most peoples)!

Only wish they're search functions in sidebar were better but then again no one else carries this range so it's probably the best you could expect given the choice!

Can't argue with the facts people, Amazon as it stands today is a safe bet for buying!


Pay for the returns

Me and my partner both order from M&M and they've been good. The difficulty with buying on line (especially clothes) is sizing but we've found if we're a bit iffy between sizes and there is the option then buying both sizes and paying up front for returns via the pop in package drop off centres they use is cheaper and faster than parking in town! Another success and they're generally very fast at refunding returned items, usually taking a day or 2 maxumum, just as it should be.

Will continue to use, but would be nice if they carried more small/medium clothes or had a slightly bettwe size search function as we're not all built like weebles!


Need a little more info on website

Make sure you update your website offers as fara in advance as possible, and possibly (a la aldi.com.au) put your grocery prices so even if we can't order online we can compare.

Other than that, brilliant store, occasional problems with goods (usually incorrectly stored cold items like cheese) which can be a bit annoying but accept this and save money as it's on the way home!

Online -shop

Not bad from a big company

Having had faulty items from another big company (which they dealt with well but were unable to supply working items) I bought from Tesco Direct. Items arrived very quickly (surprised by Yodels' efficiency in this case as have heard mixed reports) and the items were exactly as needed. Chap on the desk was friendly and not the first time I have used Direct, as delivery to the desk is free and can be combined with the shopping!

Yes they're big and they have made mistakes on orders sometimes, but they do seem to rectifiy them well.


Odd sounding name, great local company

We get our dog food from these guys (last 2 years), a very small local operation who deliver in the East Midlands. They do sometimes take a week to deliver but as we order in plenty of time this is never an issue and the value is very good. The deliveries are always by a really friendly delivery woman and the service on email and phone is also great. On the one occasion in the last 2 years when food was delayed, they called us to let us now, which was nice.


good prices and good service

Ordered some panniers and they arrived when they were supposed to, and were exactly as advertised. As good as going into branch and buying them, just as internet shopping should be!


Good level of service

Every consumer occasionally has difficulties, the challenge of buying sight unseen in some cases. In Play's case, they have typically dealt promptly with any questioons, and have provided information and assistance over a few years worth of purchases. Sometimes delivery is slow, other times fast (slow being around their estimated delivery, fast being next day!)

But on the whole I have been very impressed. Case in point, I purchased a micro SD card around a year ago (14 months), never thought to check it's speed. When changin phones, i noticed it was class 2 and I was sure I'd bought class 4 (which I had). Despite the purchase being over a year ago, play apologised, accepted return, and sent the item I should originally have received. I was very impressed, and will be rewarding that with further purchases, as Play are also (usually) fairly competitive, and a couple of pounds on larger purchases isn't as much of a deal breaker as poor service.

Well done so far Play.com!


Amended review.

Original review - I would not purchase from eBuyer again (after spending c. £3,000 over the last 3-4 years) based on their response to my recent return under the distance selling regulations, where their trained squirrel quoted an OFTguidance document and beleived it to take precedence over the actual legislation! 'I know about the sale of goods act' was her response, which was nice, but tht'a s a different piece of legislation to the distance selling regulations 2000 and the OFT document is open to interpretation whereas the legislation is clear on leaving the customer out of pocket for returns under the7 day period of the distance sellings regs! Suffice to say (fortunately I am in the legal profession so my fees will be coming out of eBuyers pocket) taking them to small claims court as it is a principal that Amazon, Play, and other good e-tailers don't abuse. Will shop at Amazon or Dabs from now on as always had excellent service and well trained staff. That said, very little has ever been returnred to any of them!


Absolute diddly squat! Funny how they can instantly respond to such reviews and 'sound' great and concerned to anyone reading them, but then...still do nothing! If their service was as good as their responding to poor reviews, then there would probably BE no poor reviews!


Should have updated this a while ago!

eBuyer did remedy this issue and acknowledged that it was the goods at fault. Although they required chasing which should have been needed, they did reimburse my out of pocket expenses in sending back the defective goods. Note that they took less than an hour to test the items to find them not suitable. As such, I have altered the rating to 3 stars as this is a 'middle of the road' experience now that resolution has passed rather than a truly awful one. Hopefully they will have learnt from the customer service experience. I will find out when making future purchases.

17 November 2011

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Please accept our most sincere apologies for the trouble you have been through returning your item.

I can assure you we always follow the correct procedure when dealing with any return or customer issue.

Unfortunately, as I am unable to see your account information from this review I am unable to try to advise you further.

If you require further help or information please email me at resolutioncentre@ebuyer.com with your order number.

Once again I apologise for any annoyance or inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards

Ebuyer Resolution Team

John Lewis

store staff very unknowledgable

Called JL and they advised me store had stock and would price match (never knowingly undersold my ar$e!).

Walked to store to be faced with clueless 'we don't stock that' response. useless and poor internal comms! very dissapointed with experience, purchased from a different retailer in the end.

Simply Hike

Blisteringly fast service, Seems like honest and fast service on telephone too!

Ordered an item (garish pink fleece for my better half).

Arrived in 2 days. Not only that, but online discount on their website didn't track, and when I phoned, they refunded the amount that was supposed to be discounted straight away, very impressive!

Would use them again if this is the level of service they offer!

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