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I don´t buy anything at PCworld anymore they are just too expensive compared to other online stores, save yourself lots and lots of money and go to Amazon or just search for your item on google shopping.


Unlimited broadband no speed throttling, only kidding

I signed up because I wanted Unlimited broadband with no speed throttling, and that´s what I was sold or so I thought, all was well for the first month and then after that suspiciously every evening at around 5pm my internet becomes snails pace slow, no response from them regarding this just the same old party line of well that is when lots of people use the internet and the lines in your area only support a certain bandwidth. Bo&%$cks


Intuitive and accurate

What can any of us say about Google, Google is awsome, by far the most Intuitive and accurate of all the search engines I´ve used.

Between maps, gmail, shopping, translate, android, analytics and adwords they´ve got the market sewn up. Is there anything that you can´t do with Google or one of its apps, errr, No.

And the best part about the whole concept is that most of it is free, so they do everything better than their competitors and they offer it free to the end user.

Congratulations Google, winning formula!

John Lewis

Quality at a price

I love john lewis and I shop there once or twice a year when I want to treat myself or buy an expensive gift for someone.

They have a great variety of high quality items and the service has always been exceptional.
Expect to pay top dollar though, and don´t buy ordinary items there because you may as well just buy it elsewhere and then burn the 10% extra it will cost you at John Lewis.

Despite the extra cost if you are looking for something special and cost is unimportant go to JohnLewis.



I was always curious about online gambling, so I tried ladbrokes about a year ago after being lured in by one of their promotional offers, needless to say I lost all of my money and was immediately cured of my curiosity. Never to return again.

Personally I would not recommend Ladbrokes not because the service was bad but because I lost my money lol, of course if I had won it would be a different story, but then again if I had won maybe I would have gone on to develop a gambling addiction and lose my family and home and self respect. You just never can tell what the outcome will be.

Stay away would be my recommendation!



I buy and sell on ebay regularly and I cannot recommend it highly enough, especially being a parent, I save so much time and money making my purchases for toys and baby products with ebay.

Last month I made about 50 pounds profit from my sales, I know that it´s not a lot but it´s enough to pay for a months worth of nappies and bepanthanol or a gift for my girlfriend and it all adds up at the end of the day, plus it´s a good way to spend some of my free time too!

Start ebaying!


Savings and service!

I love shopping with Tesco, the service is always excellent in my experience and when I add up all of the money I save each year with my clubcard points and their ongoing promotions it just convinces me even more to continue shopping with Tesco.

I would recommend them to anybody and also if you are already a tesco customer and just haven´t gotten round to signing up for your clubcard yet, my advice is do it as soon as possible, it really changes the relationship you have with them.



I almost always use moneysavingexpert before making a purchase of a financial package or contract.

It´s a really informative website with a broad view on varying subjects, all with only one aim, saving you money!

Brilliant concept for a website.



For the past 5 years I have been flying about 5 times a year with ryanair.com, until the following happened;

I was unable to print my boarding pass out the day before flying because ryanair were having tech problems and I made the mistake of thinking "they will know that their website was having issues and will accept my reference number instead of the boarding pass" How mistaken I was.

They charged me 40 pounds per person to print off a boarding pass and they spoke to me as if I was lying about their technical issues, I made the choice there and then to never fly with ryanair ever again.


The good, the fair and the poor!

Amazon is a great site there is no question but sometimes they just don´t get it things right, I´ve been using Amazon for years now and I´ve experienced the best and the worst of their service.

The truth is that I will always keep going back to Amazon because 80% of the time they get it right and when they don´t they always do their best to fix it.

Highly recommended!

T Mobile

Incompetent, dishonest and just downright rude!

I have been a customer of Tmobile for almost 3 years, during the first 2 year contract the service was good and I even left a review on the trustpilot website telling the world that I was a very happy Tmobile customer. Sadly however, the past years events have changed things dramatically. Read on.

About 1 year ago Tmobile began charging me for an extra line that I hadn't agreed to, I contacted them about this, they said it would be taken care of but "keep paying your bill because if you don't it will reflect negatively on your account and credit file". So I did, despite being charged double, when the next bill came through, I had been charged double again. I contacted Tmobile and the said it would be taken care of and that "keep paying your bill because if you don't it will reflect negatively on your account and credit file". So I did. Next month same thing again, this time I refused to pay my bill until they sorted the problem out, they said they would get it sorted. Next month same thing, I called again and again and again. Until 6 months passed my bill mounted up to over £300, finally I speak to someone that informed me, "the problem with my bill had been caused by a Tmobile employee commiting fraud". I was asked to fill in a fraud pack that they would send in the post.

During this time I had my service disconnected on 2 seperate occasions for non payment of my bill, when I called to speak with them about this they reconnected my service immediately but no apology was ever given. After waiting a month No fraud pack came, once again I called back, this time I was told that it was not fraud but just a clerical error and they had no record of the conversation I had regarding the Tmobile employee committing fraud.

This fiasco went on for a further 2 months until finally the bills stopped and the refund was given. By this time I needed a new phone and I felt that I was owed a favour by tmobile so I called and asked the customer service rep from Tmobile to set up a new line and asked if there would be a discount on this due to the terrible service I had received, baring in mind that prior to this customer service disaster I had been a perfect customer, with a flawless payment history. The customer service rep told me that because of non payment of my bill I was not eligable, and that I had to prove myself to be a responsible person before they would give me a new line.


Hours of my life wasted talking to useless, script reading robots. Damaged credit rating, overcharged and finally insulted by this monstrous corporate douche bag, the term "time vampires" springs to mind. Truthfully I'm not that angry any more, now I just feel determined.

It is now my mission in life to tell the truth about the Tmobile service, I consider this a therapeutic excercise, after almost a year of feeling impotent against the disgusting treatment I had recieved from the telecommunications goliath. So it begins, starting with leaving this review on every possible review site, then placing a complaint with Trading standards and writing to over 300 seperate papers/magazines/tech websites. I have built a website tmobileisatimevampire.info, and and at every relevant opportunity I tell my story. The way I see it is that even if I only manage to convince 100 people to boycott Tmobile it will be worth it. Based on the average 2 year contract of £25 per month, that would equal over £60,000 in lost revenue for Tmobile. Before I'm finished I am determine to get a sincere and personal apology from them. Bottom line is that I won't stop telling the truth about this company ever.

Please, if you have had a bad experience with Tmobile, take action now, it will only take 30 seconds to vote "Say no to corporate shaftings" and that never again will you use the tmobile service.

I'm runnning a tally for every person that signs up, calculating the total monetary loss to tmobile and displaying it on the landing page of the website, so please VOTE NOW. You're Awesome.

I am also inviting you all to tell me your story and I will post them on the site, but please be factual. When I say factual, I mean accurate to a t. The last thing we want is tmobile coming off as being the victim here, and if anybody lies about their experience it could be considered as malicious instead of just being "the truth".

From small acorns, great oaks grow.

Eat my great big acorns Tmobile!

Tyre Shopper

Terrible service

I ordered my tyres in preparation for a long car journey to visit family, when I called the fitting centre to confirm a time for the fitting, they told me that the tyres hadn´t arrived and they would need to call the manafacturer to find out what was going on. After several phone calls it turns out that they have no ideas where my tyres are or when they will be delivered, so I just have to wait!


I then called tyre-shopper.con to ask for a refund and the lady on the phone tells me they´ve known for a while that there are serious delays on the brand of tyres I ordered.



Any person or company that takes payment for a service that they know they cannot provide is essentially a thief.

Refund please!

*UPDATE* In the reply from tyre-shopper my name is spelt incorrectly, with this level of attention to detail it is unsurprising that your customers including myself end up going over to your competitors, I went to blackcircles and they have been excellent, you are assigned your individual customer service rep who actually manages the whole process from purchase to fitting.

21 November 2011

Reply from Tyre Shopper

Dear Mr Darbishire,

Our sincerest apologies that this incident occurred as you were preparing for a long journey. Within our vast network we usually deliver the tyres the customer ordered ready for fitting upon arrival.

We will look into this matter further to investigate.

Kind regards
Tyre Shopper Customer Service

P.S. Apologise for the slip of the finger with the update on the name.

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