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Easy and quick

I've purchased several things before, without any special problem.


I ordered on 20-10-2011

And I have still no news about it, even after having sent an email 5 days ago...

11 March 2013

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Hi Paco

Although the name Paco isn't represented in this order we assume you're in contact with whom placed the order.

The 20th of october 2011 is a long time ago and it seems memory does not serve you well, at least in this case.
A good thing we have the complete correspondence saved. Please allow me to elaborate.

We wrote to you in danish on the 23th of november 2011 that there was insufficient funds on the card and you should report back as soon as these were avaliable.

On the 26th of november 2011 you responded that you've gotten a new creditcard and we should cancel this order (117158), and duplicate the content onto a new one where you could pay with your new creditcard.

On the 28th of november 2011 we confirmed the cancelation of this order (117158) and asked you to order once again on our website with the functioning creditcard.

The very same day (28th of november 2011) you responded and told us you've placed another order.

On the 1th of december 2011 you confirmed that you've received the package the day before (31th of november 2011) and you needed an invoice as this wasn't included in the box.

The same day (1th of december 2011) we mailed the invoice and wrote to you that you've probably typed in the wrong email adress on the order.

On the 2th of december 2011 you confirmed this was in fact the case.

All in all we see your rating as highly unfair as what you're stating in untrue.

Befro ApS

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