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John Lewis

Top Store... Couldnt fault them!

I buy from John Lewis often, they have a great price match scheme on identical items. The delivery guys are good and returns are a breeze, if only this was the story in more UK stores...

Croydon Builders

Good job adding RSJ's and converting my lounge.

GBS Builders in Croydon did a top job of opening up my lounge. They advised me on how best to get the job done at the best price and were hard working and friendly guys.

I'd gladly recommend then to anyone needing a builder in Croydon, Surrey.


Like a kid in a sweet shop!

I love Maplin, there's just so much stuff in there it's like an ideas factory!

Online is much better than in store because of the wider range, created a retro radio for my camper just so i could use some cool old skool toggle switches.


Super hip club and art space, impressed!

Really like this place, the venue's just the right size for a few hundred people. Always plenty of cool acts lined up.

Def worth a sniff if you've never been!

Your Move

Watch out for those extra fee's! There's a lot to pay for!

We rented from Your-Move for two years and as someone who's been renting in the UK for 15 years i was stunned how many hidden fee's there were and how little they did!

The inventory was like a work of fiction, we revised it and sent it back and they informed us it would be noted and updated. Come moving out day, they mysteriously have no recollection or copy of the revised document and work from the fictional document in order to earn themselves a couple of hundred quid.

In future we'll choose to rent from small companies who take a bit of care in their work, Your Move is a well oiled rip off machine with it's eyes firmly on for wallet! Don't expect to be treated fairly if you're a tenant or a landlord. You're both just profit, there for the milking.

Zero satisfaction!


Jokers, still living on past glory!

How's this for a pre wedding experience?

Outgoing Hong Kong flight delayed.
Get on and experience plane electrical failure.
Heating stuck on to point of almost fainting.
Arrive at destination late.
Luggage lost which included wedding rings and clothes.
Terrible attitude, completely ignorant with no apology.
Luggage shows up 24 hours later, still no apology.
Hotel, which was booked via airline has full blown construction going on, there's a jack hammer above our head all day. Huge crane outside the window! Nightmare!!!!

Return flight delayed.
Asked if they could give us an upgrade considering their poor service so far - snubbed!
Arrive back in London late.
Half of luggage lost, no apology.
Luggage turns up 3 days later at 11pm!
No apology, not interested - absolute joke of a company!

Never again in my life will i step foot onboard a BA flight!


Okay network, but they will compete and negotiate plans!

I've been with 3 for a couple of years now, basically because they were one of the few companies offering a decent pay as you go monthly tariff for the iPhone 4. I wasn't going to sign another 2 year/18 month contract with the other big guys (total scam). So i bought the phone outright and joined 3. The network is okay, i haven't had many dropped calls or poor reception areas but i guess that depends where you live - i'm in London. The 3G can be a bit weak at times, but i found that the case on O2 and Vodafone too.

The one good fact about 3 is they aren't arrogant about who they are, they have a lot of work to do as a company and will compete for your business. I always play hard ball when negotiating a new phone contract and they seemed to react well. They gave me what i wanted on a rolling monthly contact even though they don't advertise the rate.

Haggle, it's fun and you might get a lot more for your money ; )


Poor service and product, really let me down!

I spent £400 with bathrooms.com but they really didn't seem to give a damn. The delivery company pushed a card through the door and didn't even knock, and when i called the company they told me i had to collect! I complained to bathrooms.com who didn't seem to care at all. When i finally got my items some were scratched, but even worse a fairly complex shower unit didn't even have any drawings or documents on fitting - wouldn't have minded if they'd been standard sizes but they weren't. When i again contacted bathrooms.com they said they'd send me a replacement part for one of the items, one month on i'm still waiting. Terrible service! Afraid i won't be buying from these guys again as they really didn't appreciate the custom.


Super unique little organic pizza joint, pure class!

One of my fav places in London, they've moved around a few times but you can always find out where they're cooking from their site!

Gamma Proforma

Great Art, Syd Mead, Paul Pope and more!

Great art, always checking back for who's next in their series. Bought the Syd Mead print last month, looks awesome!

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