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Powerbeck Sports Ltd

Not to the usual high standards

Ordered protein mixture and creatine tablets. Fair play, the protein powder was out of stock, so Powerbeck sent a timely e-mail correspondance asking if I preffered to wait or if I would like a different flavour. I chose to wait for the powder I'd ordered to be back in stock. To my surprise, my neighbour contacted me the next day to say they'd taken in a parcel on my behalf. It was my correct order from Powerbeck, however, I knew immediately there was something wrong. The bag the products were delivered in had a hole in it and there was protein powder pouring from the inside. When I opened the bag I observed that the bottom of the protein powder container had been very badly spilt and the contents were pouring out and also the tamper proof seal around the top of the container had been broken. Needless to say the tub and contents have gone straight in the bin. I am usually a very contented customer and I would highly recommend Powerbeck. It's impossible to say if this damage was caused before or after shipment to the courier. Judging by the level of service received previously I would probably say the latter.


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United Kingdom