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Raspberry Pi Order

Useless company!

Ordered a Raspberry Pi through these guys in July which wouldn't be delivered until December. (after being promised September).

I cancelled this order as a different company managed to send me one from a huge stock next day.

RS cancelled my order within hours of requesting... great.
But I've been waiting weeks for a refund! That's simply not acceptable.

I can't phone them as they do not respond to phone calls about the Raspberry Pi orders and they are not responding to emails.

I feel scammed. I paid by Paypal and it's now past the 45 days that Paypal give to submit a claim.

I'm about ready to take this matter further, legally!


Fukung funny ;)

If you ever need a quick day brightener... a random image from Fukung will probably do just that :)


Fantastic funny comics

I wish they could email these everyday... they are fantastic :)


Relied on for home and business!

There is nothing better so far for VOIP that I know of!

It's clear (almost CD quality with the right mics) and nearly always faultless.
The webcam, group call and IM features are great also!

Not to mention it's available on nearly all smart phone platforms for free WiFi calls abroad :)

Keep up the good work guys!


Very convenient when you don't have your card - Fees are too high!

Paypal is great... forgot your card? No problem when the website accepts Paypal as you just log in and pay!
Also great when you are present shopping as it doesn't look as suspicious as having your debit/credit card in hand when the girlfriend is hovering around you like a hawk!

Just a shame that the fees are high for individuals! Means I love paying by Paypal but insist in not being paid by Paypal!


Amazing for buyers - Crap for sellers!

I've always loved eBay for buying... it's addictive!
Do I really need another gadget from Hong Kong for 0.99p delivered? Why not! ;)

Finding products that you can't find elsewhere because they have been discontinued or just a bit old (like old game consoles etc) eBay is genius for!

But as a seller it's terrible!
The buyer has 100% of the power in any argument.
Say you sell something for £5.00 and go out of your way to post it the same day via 1st Class (after listing 2nd Class as the option)... Mr Buyer just has to say it didn't turn up and they get a refund! (they could even post a picture of the item in hand with the invoice to ebay and they would still get the refund!).
- Sure, there are genuine cases when Royal Mail lose an item... it's Royal Mail! But 99% of claims are the buyers abusing eBay's "Buyer Protection". Sure, you could post everything recorded, but on low value items it's not worth selling when you paid for the eBay fees, Paypal Fees, Postage and then a Recorded upgrade!

Buyers can get around this tracking number business anyhow... Just put in a claim saying it turned up broken or doesn't work - Bang! instant refund and a message from the buyer saying "Thanks for the free item by the way! Works perfect! lol"

Come on eBay!
Pull your finger out of your ass and start clamping down on these fraudulent idiots!


Never had an issue with orders

Always been a quick, efficient online retailer for me. No problems what so ever.

Only note is that their website is now over complicated. There is far to many products on there which makes it near impossible to find what you want quickly!

Rubbish... Would not recommend them to anyone!

Seriously rubbish...

They'll provide you with a price they are willing to pay for the car which can be 25% of what you can sell it privately for and around 50% of what you could sell it to an independent trader for.

We tried selling a Mondeo to them which was worth £2,500 private and £1,800 trade.
They were going to offer £900 but thought they would increase the offer when seeing the car.
I took it to them, they dropped the offer to £300 due to little things like a crack on a hub cap, small scratch on bumper etc then said there would be a £50 valuation fee.
£250 insult for a £2,500 car! That's 10% of it's true worth!

Needless to say, we left with the foot to the floor!

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15 February 2012

Reply from

Hello Tom,

My name is Katie and I work at Thank you so much for taking the time to provide feedback.

Sorry the valuation for your car wasn't what you wanted. Do you mind me asking where you received the offer to buy your car for £2,500?

We provide a hassle free way of selling a car that is fast, safe and easy. If you are looking to secure the most amount of money, selling directly to a private buyer can sometimes help you to achieve this but you’ll need to find a buyer, decide whether to let people test drive your car and work out a secure payment method.

Our customers use us to avoid the hassle of a private sale. Also, by selling to us and then going into your next car purchase as a cash buyer (as opposed to Part Exchanging) can usually get you a much better deal than part exchanging.

Our website allows every customer to get an accurate valuation before they visit us at branch. We ask customers to input any damage present on their car into our website when requesting a valuation. If this is completed accurately the valuation provided online would match the price offered at branch. And as always there is never any obligation for any customer to sell their car to us if they don’t want to.

Many thanks again for taking the time to provide feedback,


CCL Computers


Never had a real problem with these guys instore or online.
The only issue I had is their payment system took a payment without processing the order online but that was rectified and refunded once I pointed it out!

Going instore is great, you can get some brilliant bargains on customer returned, brand new gear :)

Unlimited Web Hosting

Fantastic hosting, very cheap!

They offer unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited everything... for less than £3 a month with a free or .com domain.
It's reliable and fast!

It's cloud based, which means they basically have a huge server farm which all their sites share.
But that means if the server your site is on dies, your site is safe on another instantly which will not effect your uptime!

I love it :D


Delete your reviews because bad companies throw a paddy

Well, I've just had an email from trustpilot saying they had removed my review of
This is because Transair had complained... Trust Pilot say under DANISH law I MUST provide proof of purchase on an order THAT DIDN'T TURN UP!.
Transair is a UK company, the order was placed in the UK... Why does this have ANYTHING to do with DANISH law???

21 February 2011

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Tom

First of all, we are a Danish company, hence we operate under Danish legislation. What we want to express is that we must be able provide documentation for reviews to comply with Danish legislation.

But it seems obvious that it is not very relevant for foreign users of the site, and because of your review we have decided to remove it from the English version of the email.

Second, we do not remove reviews simply because companies ask us to. Every time, we give the user the opportunity to document what they have stated, by sending them an email. If we do not receive an answer, we are compelled to remove the review.

Best regards
Trustpilot Support


Never had any problems.

I've not had any problems with them at all.
UK call centre is great, service is great, price is great.
Only gripes are the phone range being more aimed towards iPhone users and kids and there doesn't appear to be anything to reward loyalty. It's either the same deals as new customers or find something better elsewhere :(

Flightstore Pilot Shop

Couldn't have helped me more!

I only needed a few things but they did not see me as a waste of time with a small order.
They treated me with respect and helped me along the way.
Even recommending cheaper or better products.
Thanks FlightStore!

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Good company on the whole... Push Talk Talk too much

On the whole I've had a good experience with them.
Just a shame they advertise and push Talk Talk far too much!



Good!, They need to increase a few limits to get with the HD Times... and remove the junk...

Other than that... Good!


They need to upgrade their servers!

Wiith a large consumer base... Facebook need to invest in more powerful servers.
They just can't cope during peak time.

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Simple, effective... Job done!

Simple to use... Small to load... Not bloated with crap.... and brilliant results

Anyone who is anyone wants to be on Google!


£20 for advice on a forum? No chance!

You can get it free on


The best Peugeot 106 Forum... Ever!

It's the only general Peugeot 106 Forum that is free... 5 stars is a no brainer!


Absolute Rubbish!

Phone4U couldn't care less about customers.
It's all commision and targets...



Unhelpful company. Used a competitor instead.

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