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John Lewis


i made the mistake of thinking .com would be the same as the store the similarities end at the name, i oredered a £110 value item for my wife as part of her xmas ,despatched 10th12, signed and recieved 13th 12, really !!! well not by me or to me it wasnt after a few emails and some form repsonses, i called them direct was told it had been sent by hermes, (see reviews ) who are just a joke, the signature was ilegible i was told and no printed surname availble good eh !!. i was then told i would be called before 11.30 next day by both the call centre and email. dept, the call never came , guess what though the package did. around 2pm 8 days later had been opened , handed to me with a grunt by some bloke in a motor with parcels lying all over the back seat, (some opened ) never had to sign for it good eh i could have been anyone, ? anyway i logged compliant with john lewis got a form response of its been passed here there and around, and the hermes company have been informed big deal, not even a sorry you were not called back or were it was first sent to why it was opened and who did indeed sign for it and why did i not have to ?? you have been warned steer well clear folks

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3 star company but!!!!

if your reading this chances are your thinking of getting this company to do some home improvements of which , they offer many . a note of caution then. first lets get something very clear i have had 3 triple glazed windows fitted that were fitted to perfection and the units themselves i cant recommend highly enough. excellent quality. so whats up then ? i hope advanced read this and take heed because they could be a 5 star company and in there line of work that's rare and recommends are even rarer. problems are lack of information no calls returned and worse misinformation . problems started when in my order i picked a composite door was given a price and guide date of 6 weeks this became 13 and many phone calls later and a threat to cancel the order the door was indeed ready . the truth apparently advanced seen fit ti quote me on the thinking they could make it cheaper themselves by buying the machine that makes a composite door well the machine flopped and no one decided its prudent to me any of this, and into the bargain because of there failure to make it it would now cost £250 extra to outsource i was offered a cancellation but no movement on price very unfair after some thinking and now 14 weeks later i decided yes ill pony up the extra, was promised the door within a week still nothing after ME CHASING THEM and another cancel threat the door arrived and was duly fitted, is this customer service , !! no its not its appalling its only 3 stars purly because of flawless fitting by mcdonald windows sub contractors from linwood totally professorial fitting, as for advanced its 1 star SORT YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE OUT


very good

never had any problems to speak of a usually fast order turnover via dpd and points for every purchase to use against further items, not much ! but its something and that's better than nothing , so well done to them a good choice and no silly hook offers that don't exist.

The Watch Hut

poor and more poor

ordered still not received despite paying for next day delivery , emailed had no reply mailed again asking were my order is a further day later and another day still no reply and no watch avoid at all costs,

after this review i finally got a reply and a postal refund and eventually the watch which they posted to my invoice address and not my delivery address,

09 July 2012

Reply from The Watch Hut

We are truly sorry for the delay you experienced with the delivery of your order; this was sent from our London warehouse, so we will be speaking to the team about this mishap. There was a problem last week with emails being submitted through the website being routed to the wrong email server, and we are currently working through a backlog to respond to all enquiries. We have refunded the amount paid for the next day delivery, and hope that you are otherwise happy with the purchase itself.

Machine Mart Ltd


if you ever have to return a faulty item as i did in this case a cheap electric planer with a clear design flaw. then dont hold your breath for a refund , as there refund policy is way over regulated every item has to be sent to a tech lab for testing 14 to 21 working days later you may get a refund, buyer beware


really 5 star

never had any problems with mx5 parts just excellent service and very fast delivery great to deal with been buying from them for around 3 years now .


its a decent shop

good selection of boxing eq, to buy delivery is usually next despite them saying 3to4 days. only thing i got that was wrong was a t shirt right t shirt wrong type, other than that no grumbles


its good

try them before you run to b&q they are usually a fair bit cheaper and if you use online the collect service is very good they sell a lot more than screws try them !!!

its okay

iv been using play for some time and watched it grow and grow it used to be excellent but now its just mediocre really delivery issues aplenty and call centers that are difficult to get through to, an ever expanding range of goods to choose from , one word of caution if you buy an item and it gets lost in our great postal system you have to wait two full weeks before you can report it to play as lost. then you could in theory go through it all again. although to be fair a free replacment is usually sent if this happens rightly so !!

Monster Supplements

no real problems at all

ordered from them about 6 times so far but i always look around on price first but when i buy from them iv had no major problems only once 1 item out of stock and instead of notifying me sent a "similar product which was not my choice and i had to send it back no courier pick up so 4 stars and be ware of the hook deals they do just dont get caught out.


used to be good

not anymore though. heres why GREED !!! 10% of all items sold fee, plus listing fees plus photos plus paypal fees whats the point .!! and further more. this is the kicker if your a seller and the buyer chooses not pay you you cant leave negative feeback because thats not fair haaa!! but they can not only not pay you but leave YOU NEGATIVE FEEBACK brilliant idea ebay!!! whats needed here is competition folks

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what a rip

i went to this company on the strength of the testimonials or there site, big mistake. i sent a small chain away to them the value, the value they gave was some £25 below my local shop , so i declined the offer it was then as they put it re-offered at £19 more than the original and still below my high street. so be ware i guess of accepting first offers and own web site testimonials , give people an honest value at the start and you will get the business is the moral, ps, i took there "improved offer as for the extra £5 i would have got from the high street in the end i could not be bothered and i guess someone who has lots of gold would be so its all relevant

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Peter Tyson Audio/Visual


poor poor just really bad service unhelpful staff and rude

supplementary to the above, in the interests of fairness, after this review was written i was called by matthew tyson whom to his credit made some amends for or on behalf of his staffs shall we just say wrong attitude to a customers valid point, i was sent a hdmi cable by way of good will thank-you matthew for that i have amended my rating, it would have been more had the staff member called himself to sort it.

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