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An absolute disgrace! Avoid!!!!

I placed an order on Dec 30th for a pair of Merrell walking shoes. I sent an enquiry email on Jan 4th after my order was still "awaiting allocation" and had no response. After calling their premium 0844 number and being on hold for over 40 minutes only to be cut off at being number 4 in queue, I sent another email on the 9th and yet again got no reply. I still had heard no word by the 13th and emailed them again to cancel my order. Today I managed to get through on the phone despite calling at 10am on the dot (when their 2p a minute phone line opens) and I was 4th in line.... After another 40 minutes I eventually managed to cancel my order successfully. This company are a joke. They don't appear to give a toss about customer service and even if they are slightly cheaper it's less hassle to shop elsewhere. Outdoormania you are a disgrace!!!

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Simply Hike

Great price and swift delivery.

I bought a North Face duffel bag from Simply Hike. The price was the lowest I could find online and the delivery was quick. I can't fault them and I've been pleased with how this purchase played out.


A good all round experience.

The goods were despatched promptly. I had to go to the depot to pick them up after an attempted delivery but the communication from the seller was good and they responded to my queries promptly. I would use them again.


I'm not really sure what to make of this lot....

I have placed 2 separate orders with SLRHut in the last month. They were fairly hefty ones totalling over £1700 and I've been left with 2 contrasting feelings.

The 1st order was for an EF lens and this went relatively smoothly. I went on holiday for a few days as soon as the order was placed so didn't have to deal with the "confirmation" phone call and "hard sell" for other products (this time!)

I read some pretty scathing reviews online AFTER I'd placed the order but the order arrived and I was satisfied that the item was brand new and a legitimate product but had underlying concerns that it was US stock and therefore would be a "grey" import. I had no proof that it is but at the same time no proof that it isn't but I decided to upgrade my camera body to a Canon 7D with them as I was satisfied with my goods.

I called the company and made a general enquiry and I was assured that their stock is "UK" stock (just like you'd get in Jessops in their words) All supplied with UK plugs and warranty etc. I mulled this over and placed the order a few weeks later. I got the same guy on the phone, a fast talking guy called Jack Greene. He was very pleasant and helpful and again assured me that this was UK stock shipped form the States so I placed the order.

At this point, as it was done over the phone there was no follow up "confirmation" call but Mr Greene is not working as a salesman for nothing and he proceeded to tell me the battery that came with the body was only a 1 hour battery and I should buy a better one from him. Bear in mind that this is a Canon Lp-e6 battery supplied there is no way it only lasts for only an hour! Canon's UK website verifies this in it's specifications!! Then I got the extended warranty chat which was also rebuffed! So the order was placed... Again, I stress Jack was very pleasant but I'm also aware I was giving his company nearly a grand of my money!

The delivery was excellent, I placed the order on Thursday and received the camera on the Tuesday. It would have arrived sooner if it were not for some daft Diamond Jubilee! I opened the outer box and inside that was a box for a Canon 7D EF 28-135 IS lens kit. Not what I ordered! The inner box was slightly bashed and had obviously been opened. Inside the lens had been removed but the camera body was brand new and came with what was agreed except of course the UK plug battery charger! Tossed into the box was a cheap looking US-UK adapter! Not what Jackie boy told me was going to be in the box! Also there is no warranty card! Although the product does register on Canon's UK website, I'm assuming the item is legit but why was this boxed as part of a lens kit and where is my warranty card?? This makes me even more concerned that I have now spent a lot of money on "grey" items and have no UK warranty for either. If this is the case what they are doing is a bit underhand and dishonest.

As for it being just like going to my local Jessops and buying something this could not be further from the truth! I got my 1st camera at Jessops so know EXACTLY what that experience was like and this was NOTHING like that! Jessops didn't keep me awake at night worrying that I was buying dodgy goods.

Now I have 2 new products that work fine at the moment so to that end I'm happy but this whole experience has left me somewhat underwhelmed by all their great chat and promise. They might be cheaper than UK stockists and £200 is a lot of money even for peace of mind but what worries me is that you just can't be sure what you're actually getting. Just be up front with people. If it's US stock being shipped to the UK then fine but people have a right to know.

Would I use them again? I really don't think so, sorry. I hope this helps if anyone is still reading at this point.....

Lenses For Hire Ltd

Yet another great experience!

Another fantastic service offered by Lenses For Hire. I used them again, this time to rent a lens for a month in Africa. They offered great advice, their communications were top notch and the delivery was once again prompt and of a high standard. I accidentally returned the lens with one of my quick release plates still attached without realising and they contacted me straight away and sent it back to. If you need a lens then I can't recommend them highly enough.

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