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Do not use if you want to return items!

Warning: If like me you do not like using credit so pay for your items outright, great. However, if you have to return any items, they will refund you the payment then put the new item on your new credit account. Shock horror, the amount of cr*p they send you on a regular basis, you miss the reminders from then. They then sell your debt to "reliable collections" who as far as I can tell are just a trading arm of Jacamo. SCAMMING GITS!

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Very good service

Very informative website, a little more expensive than some others, but very efficient delivery, Would highly reccommend.


very poor communication in general

Right, having finally received the goods, its only fair I tell my story of dealing with Davro.

Ordered some safety specs online, needed them for the following week, so ordering late the previous monday, I thought they'd be here with bags of time. Friday comes around and still no glasses, so email their support team early on friday morning as the online status of my order is still 'in process'. I get an email that evening apologising for the delay, that the goods have been dispatched and will be with me imminently (note the lack of firm delivery date).

so the weekend rolls by, as does monday still with no glasses on my doorstep, so I send them another email. 24hours go by without a response to my short but to the point email, and I start to get a little riled. I phone the 'helpline' to find the only way to get through to anything, let alone an answer machine, is to press option 2 " offine ordering". The very helpful (!) woman says she will look into it and ring back. 2 1/2 hours later the phone rings and the voice tells me that one of the items on my order is out of stock and would i like a replacement. By this time i am desperate for the glasses, so grudgingly agree, even though they had said the package had been sent 5 days earlier.

The package arrives the following day, and the single pair of out of stock glasses has been replaced by two pairs of vastly inferior glasses, and the item that was supposedly in stock wasn't the right sodding item. I am not going complain to Davro as it is too much effort to deal with them.

If Simon does read this, may I make a few points.

1. If an item is out of stock, say so. Leaving your customers hanging until they get in contact is in short lazy.

2. If that customer then does get in contact with you, don't lie to him/her. It's rude.

3. If after all this you then cant send the right stock out anyway..... well.

and lastly, a customer service system where you expect disgruntled customers to leave a message on an answering machine in the vain hope that someone will contact them is poor, but if you are going to persue this way of dealing, at least make sure the answering machine is switched on or not jammed full with messages.

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