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Bargain basement shopping

I love the 99p meals.. They are so much better than butties at work break times.. And half the price.. Go fill Your freezer !!

Good selection, Good price, Good service.

I often use moonpig for sending cards and they have never let me down,,,


Seems good but

I have tried vista print a couple of times,
Their special offers are good until You get to the checkout then that £2 bargain is nearer £20,, ouch,


A good experiance

There are few places where You can buy a weeks food shopping a welder a set of spanners a new tv and new underwear without leaving the shop,, Keep up the good work !!


Awfully Expensive

I just had My licence renewal through,,, It seems the BBC in an effort to save money will no longer be sending out TV licences,, They just keep on record the fact You have paid,, Now that is the ultimate in bad customer service,,
I thought it was expensive before when I got just a piece of paper for £150,, now it seems I will no longer get the piece of paper,
Does anyone know a way of getting round the system of licences ??


Better than the telly

I have been on Ebay for quite a few years,, Obviously You have to be careful but I find its the best place to shop,


Software issue.

We bought tachodisc software and installed it on a pc which unfortunately died,
Tachodisc will not re-licence the software even though it is being installed on the same computer with a new hard drive,,, They insist we buy the software again,, I seriously doubt that is going to happen

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