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Great service from Rubbersole, product spot on, delivered in accordance

I really liked Rubbersole's ease of process, efficient and quick despatch, but I do dislike Yodel so I regret using them as my delivery portal - they didn't even try and ring my door - just left with someone at the main door !


Rip off

Similar to Jane I am afraid I have had a dreadful experience with Prestigia and advise people to steer well clear.

They charged me for my deposit, and when I cancelled with two weeks notice I was well aware that they would charge me 50% of the amount 'charged to the credit card' which was 50% of my deposit - one day's stay.

However, upon my cancellation the hotel then charged me over 50% of my stay to my credit card and I am currently trying to get this back. Prestigia haven't transferred their amount back to me yet, nor the amount for the airport transfer which was fully refundable, and I gave no authorisation for my card to be charged by the hotel.

I have had two or three responses from Prestigia saying they are within their rights to do so but the fact that even if this was the case I would be owed some £80 for the overcharging which has not come back - only serves to highlight how dodgy this company is.

I am no longer receiving a reply and am trying to track down their travel regulator to be able to make a formal complaint.

I travel regularly and am aware some people complain because they are not used to reading the terms and conditions but I do and that is why I am so appalled by their breach of these and their subsequent service to resolve.


Interior Icons

Excellent service, very good product

Even before I ordered I received some excellent quick responses from the team. The product delivery was the best of any product I have had recently, completely flexible and working around my time table. The product itself was as I had hoped and very good quality, especially at such a reasonable price.

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