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simple and cheap

i just started using Transferwise to move regularly some money to an italian family account

the exchanger are are always very competitive and the fee for the transfer stays at a frugal £1.99 for my transaction (£500). operationally the transfer is made very easy and bintuitive

I fondly recommended transferwise to anyone is moving money from £ to €


inner tube - presta valve length info missing from order

this review has a good ending so keep reading to the end

I recently ordered two road tyres (panaracer) attracted by the good review of an independent website (bikeradar) and by the price at cyclestore (£34.99) which included a free inner tube

unfortunately the inner tube was one with a presta valve (32mm) which is too short for the frame of my wheel and as a result I could not pump the tyre

The information of the length of the presta valve was not indicated in the description of the item which I think should have been available to avoid unpleasant surprises

When I contacted Cyclestore about this, they immediately offer to change the inner tubes with something that would fit. I was told that my request for a long presta valve should have been added in the 'additional comments' box at the moment of the order

However, in the meanwhile having ripped the inner tube with the lever while trying to fit the tube onto the wheel (to check weather I could figure out a way to pump the tyre) I was not in the position of returning the tubes.

When I shared my poor luck with the cyclestore representative as a good will gesture, he offered to send me two new inner tube with a long presta valve which was very appreciated


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