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Excellent product - delivered next day!

I hadn't expected delivery the following morning. - impressive!



I have worked with Personal Computers since the first IBM PC was announced in the mid 1980s. As a Systems Engineer I provided hardware and software support to customers and subsequently built and managed a PC support organisation for 10,500 users. Until I came across Chillblast three years ago, I built and maintained my own home PCs. I mention this only to give the proper weight to my comments below.

I was so impressed by magazine reviews and reports from other sources that I looked into Chillblast's range of PCs, and I'm glad I did. I bought an overclocked core i7 system and it ran without fault for several hours a day over three years. Over that time I noted that PC magazines continued to pile awards on them. My respect for the company's hardware grew, but I often wondered how good their support was. Now, I know!

A short time ago I noticed that there was a short delay in powering up the PC, and wondered if It was a sign of imminent component failure. I emailed Chillblast to ask what they thought and to let me know which component I needed to replace, if any. Their response has been overwhelming! I won't go into the details as they are not relevant to this review, but they have expended far more time and effort in researching and resolving my problem than I could possibly expect. Email communication is practically at the conversational level and has been nothing but supportive and constructive. It's obvious that somebody owns my problem and is determined to resolve it. This is what a customer support service should be and I have no hesitation in recommending Chillblast to you.

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Called at 10:30am to check stock position on Canon 500D kit. 17 in stock. Warned that as a new customer, additional credit checks might be necessary. Ordered via web site (for accuracy) and called later to see if they needed additional information. They didn't, and the camera arrived at 8:00am the following day well packaged and the box in pristine condition. Customer service was excellent. Three phone calls (one at lunch time) were answered immediately. What more could I ask???

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