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Fast trouble free purchase.

Very clear online ordering process coupled with very fast delivery at a great price all means that I will return to PDH Sports for my next sporting purchase.


Order with confidence

This has got to be the only place for audio leads. Great price and super fast delivery.


I will use this company again

Excellent service , price, and delivery. I would have no hesitation in using this company again.


Not as good on price as it was.

I have been a member of my local Costco since it opened many years ago and I have been a regular customer and a huge fan. Two years ago I would have given them 5 stars without hesitation.

Recently however I have found their pricing much less competitive, so much so I am beginning to question if my membership is value for money.

for example:

Books are cheaper on Amazon (with free delivery)
Cameras are cheaper in PC world and Argos
PCs are cheaper in PC World
Many foods are cheaper in Asda.
Many white goods are cheaper on line without the hassle of arranging your own delivery, installation and disposal.

Once you could almost take it for granted that if it was for sale in Costco then you were getting the best price. Sadly this is no longer true.

Costco's buyers need a wake up call. It is all to easy for consumers to find the best price available .

It seems that they Costco are just too slow to react to price fluctuations in the current fiercely competitive retail environment and if they carry on they will lose out on membership.


Total Rubbish

I only gave this one star because zero stars is not possible.

Why do Computer manufactures bundle a trial version of the McAfee "anti virus " software ...Answer. Because McAfee pay them to do so. I will never again buy a computer with this pre installed.

It is, in my opinion, total over priced rubbish that can't be removed once your "free" updates expire and thus prevents installing free anti virus alternative software. Vote with your wallets guys, dump this software and don't buy a computer with this already installed.

We should be able to decide ourselves which Anti Virus we want on our computers not McAfee.

An executable file that cannot be removed = Virus... Think about it!


Great Site, Great Concept

I've just joined and immediately posted 4 reviews. I love the idea of being able to feed back on companies from one place. I hope they all take notice of this site. Power to the consumer.

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Don't leave home without it.

Indispensable! I never book any Hotel without checking this site first. It must be single handed responsible for raising the bar in the service industry and preventing consumers form making costly mistakes.

Online -shop

This is what all online sites should be like!

My first two buys from Tesco Direct went very well. Great Price, very easy web site and excellent prompt delivery. Well done Tesco.


Goodbye Dell

Until recently, I had been a long and loyal Dell Customer. The last two laptops I bought were very disappointing... so its goodbye Dell.
Both keyboards were cheap and flimsy; so much so, the keys actually fell off. Worst of all, is their insistence to bundle the dreaded McAfee so called "anti Virus". Apart from the fact it's useless, trying to remove it is almost impossible. That to me is a virus in itself. Just have a look on the forums about what people are saying! I will not buy another Computer that has this rubbish pre-installed.

Tuneup Software

Each year gets better!

I have been using Tune Up utilities for many years and have found it great value for money. Every thing works great from initial trial use to the upgrade of each version and daily use. I have never had one single error message. I use the 3 licences on the three machines in the house and I think I get at least a couple of extra years out of each machine just by keeping them all in a clean and healthy condition. Over the years I have grown to always accept the recommendations with full confidence.

I have just upgraded from 2011 to 2012.

I only wish it would help me permanently get rid of McAfee "anti virus" so I can install something of my choice.

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