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They have the worst customer service I ever experienced.

I've been with them for 5 years & I've had a few issues but recently my IPhone broke & I got an old Nokia as a replacement. It doesn't have the internet. I rang Orange to ask them if I could remove my internet bundle. They said yes, I was told it had been done there & then whilst I was on the phone. Whilst talking to the customer serive rep he told me that because I was a loyal customer that they would be happy to send me out a brand new IPhone for free. I was chuffed. I said that would be great. They said it would be with me within 10 days. It never came. I rang back & was apologised to, told they would send me out the phone & a manager would ring me to apologise too. I never received the phone or a call. (Nor did the first rep change my bundles- so the second rep did. After another wait I called back to ask what was going on. I spoke to the rudest girl, she said "I don't see why we should send you a brand new iPhone for free" "it's your fault you broke it". I was really polite (I don't like confrontation- she was a bully) I said that I'd like to speak to a manager to straighten this out. She said no. She wouldn't let me. She then said that she'd put me through to someone In the upgrade department so they could tell me exactly what she'd told me but I wouldn't listen to (her words). I was put through to someone who said they wouldn't send me one & said that no one in their company would have told me they would (basically calling me a liar). I told him I was going to make a complaint. I asked him for his name (he refused to tell me- my husband is a manger of a call centre. They have to give you their name & department so you can identify them) I explained that he had to, he made up a name, & the 3 other names of the people I spoke to. I know that because the first 2 people I spoke to were men, I tripped him up & said "what was the 2nd girl I spoke to name? He said Alysha I asked how to spell it, he said "how do you think?" It is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I emailed in a compliant to Orange. I didn't get a reply. My contract is up in May, I'll be cancelling it. AVOID * I also spent an hour & 9 minutes waiting to get through to an advisor, then a message came up saying there was a problem with their system & they cut me off!


They sell you things they don't have.

I purchased a nutribullet system, with cookbook, & 3 packets of health foods from their EBay account. It was £100. I purchased it on Tuesday 26th Nov, it said on their page they dispatch within 1 working day of cleared payment & delivery is 2-3 working days so it should have been with me on the Friday. On the Friday I got an email saying it had been dispatched. It hadn't come by the following Wed (8 days after purchase) so I emailed them, I didn't get a reply, it didn't come on the Thurs so I emailed again. They replied & said they'd checked & it would be with me the next day. It didn't come. So I emailed again. On the Saturday they said there had been a mix up with their wearhouse & DPD & they'd dispatch it to me right away. I then got another email saying it had been dispatched. It didn't come. The following Friday (16 days after purchase) I emailed to say it hadn't come. They said they didn't have any packets of one of the health foods, & they'd send me a one that day. It never came. They didn't reply to my emails. I asked them to email me proof that they had sent it to me, then i asked for a refund as it was obvious they hadn't sent it yet again. I eventually opened a case with EBay, after a few days I got a refund. I checked their feedback. They are getting a lot of bad feedback in regards to this product, it seems they are selling them to people & then not sending them. It's a shame. I really wanted the product, you can't buy it from anywhere else. It is definitely a company to avoid. Their customer service is also terrible.


Disgusting man. Verbally assaulted us, threatened us & tresspassed in our home

Delivery expected on Wed, waited in all day. Didn't come. Excuse- bad weather. Emailed Littlewoods who emailed YODEL. Promised Thurs- didn't come. Excuse- no access to property, obviously unable to open gate at times. Emailed again. Promised Friday. Arrived Friday at 6.45. Banged on door. I opened & took the packages. I asked why the delivery was late. He laughed & said "oh you'll love this I'll prove you wrong" (he was aware of my previous complaints of him not turning up). He was being very rude so I said I wasn't interested & I just wanted to sign for my delivery. He refused & started pulling up loads of pages & trying to put it in my face to make me look. I moved further into my house. He then demnded I give him the packages back which I of course refused. I'd bought & paid for them why would I? He told me I hadn't singed for them & tried to reach for them (they were behind me & behind my door) I told him I would gladly sign for them if he let me. He kept laughing at me. I signed for them as I was about to shut the door he said "oh no I have another delivery for you" it was very menacing. I asked him why he didn't just give me it with the rest & he laughed again & told me it was in his boot where it had been for 3 days. I waited at the door. He went & sat back in his car with his wife. He was over 5 minutes so I shut my door to not lose the heat. When he came back he banged the door & shook my package of health pills & said "oh you do happy pills are these happy pills you need them". I didn't respond & went I take them from him. He pulled them from my reach & said "oops I forgot to scan them. I'll just go back to my car for 10 minutes you just wait there". He did exactly that. 10 minutes later he banged on the door again. I opened it. He looked at me & laughed & scanned it in front of me. He clearly hasn't been doing anything in his car other than trying to antagonise me. He handed me the package & told me to sign if. He then asked me if I can read & told me to look at the date on the form. I ignored him, singed it & went to give it back. As I went to put it in his hand he moved his hand & let it fall to the floor I knew he was looking for confrontation so I went to shut the door & he jammed his foot ino my house stopping me from closing my front door. I told him to get his foot out of my house he told me not to throw things at him. Still laughing. He wouldn't move his foot. I told him again & said to get off my property & never come back. He laughed & said he was on a public walk way & could do whatever he wanted. He clearly doesn't understand that he was stood outside my front door on my garden path which was separated from the public pavement by railings & a garden. I again told him to leave. He started to walk away shouting. My fiancé who was washing up in the back of the house heard & came to the door. He asked the man what was going on & asked what his problem was. The driver then jumped over my garden railing squashing my holly bush & lunged at my fiancé who was standing next to me in the doorway of our home. My fiancé jumped back & told him to leave. He refused. Squared up to my fiancés face & continued to shout at him. The mans wife was in their car (she drives him) she was leaning over laughing at us. I shouted out to her that she could get her husband back in their car before I called the police. She laughed & said "it's your fault. You've been really men to him emailing in complaints" & caried on laughing. I told the delivery man I was going to call the police & he back off & walked away shouting. Telling me he will never deliver to me again. Thank God! What a disgusting man he is. I'd like to point out this all happened in front of my 3,2 & 6 month old children & over 50 students walking home from uni. I emailed Littlewoods immediately. Their reply was disgusting. I told them I never wanted this man to deliver to me again & if he did I would refuse the delivery. They told me that I didn't get to decide who delivers to me. They really expect me to allow this man who used threatening behaviour & language to myself & my fiancé in front of our young children & tresspassed into my home. I'm disgusted. I told the driver I would be filling a complaint with his boss. He laughed & said his boss doesn't care he thinks it's hilarious. So there you have it. YODEL employ people who harass & abuse people & they thin its hilarious. I'd like to point out I have filed a previous complaint against this driver as he failed to deliver 3 days in a row. I had never seen him before, he didn't pull up in a van he just walked across the road & banged on my door. I opened it to "I hear you want to have a word with me" he had no ID on him stating who he was nor did he inform me. Yet more intimidating behaviour. I asked for him not to deliver to me after this Littlewoods & YODEL ignored my request. After that he brought a little girl to my door. I assume she is his daughter. Then the next delivery he got his teenage daughter to make he wasn't even with her. I'm sure YODEL aren't employing his daughters. This is the disgusting customer service you can expect. I have been advised by my family to call the police as he actually committed a crime but my fiancé thinks it will lead to reprisals from the man. I am getting my father to install CCTV at my front door because of this. I have been made to feel intimated & in fear because of this man. It's not right. YODEL shouldn't employ someone like this!

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