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Slanted feedback

The TrustPilot makes money by offering merchants to integrate reviews with their e-commerce system. This results in slanted reviews for these merchants compared to those that do not pay. Since most people post reviews only if they are dissatisfied, a website that does not pay TrustPilot will usually have worse ratings than a website that does, even with the same level of customer satisfaction.

The fair thing to do would be to take the effect into the account when computing the "overall" rating, boosting the ratings of those websites that do not pay TrustPilot. The way the system is, the TrustPilot's business model is a modern-day blackmail.

N.B. I am not a business owner. I just wrote a few reviews on the website, and then decided to check "For companies" link.

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09 December 2011

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Boris

Thank you for your feedback.

You are right that dissatisfied customers might be more inclined to write a review by themselves than happy customers are. However, these companies will usually have less reviews.

The way the Trustscore is calculated accounts for representativity. If a company has received five negative reviews, the score will not deviate much from the middle score because five reviews is not sufficiently representative.

If you like, you can read more about the Trustscore at this link

Best regards


Speedy delivery, and good communication

I have ordered from Paul twice. Both times the games arrived a couple of days after order. The packaging is nice and sturdy, but without waste (you have seen those huge boxes filled with wrapping materials, that then go to landfills). Paul, the proprietor of the store, e-mails notifications as he ships the order.

Do not trust their delivery information & check prices against competition

It was mentioned by several reviewers before, but I must repeat the warning about their availability. I ordered a barebones computer and a memory chip to go with it. Their memory was more expensive than that of competitor, but I paid for the convenience of getting them in a same delivery. It said that both are "in stock".

Nah! They shipped computer without the memory, saying that memory will be in "3 days delay" (why if it was in stock?). At that point I regretted buying memory from them. The next day it jumped from "3 days" to "shipped". Oh well, even second-class delivery takes at most 2-3 days in UK. The memory arrived a week and a half later --- it turned out that they shipped it from France!

On the plus side, amending the order five minutes after placing was easy --- the customer service did not give any trouble.

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