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Misleading, inaccurate descriptions

Over the years I've spent thousands with DMS and recently Motorhog, their parts dept is very efficient and customer service in that area is second to none( his is the reason I've given 1 star)

I've recently bought 3 cars via the auction site, unfortunately this departments customer service is pretty much none existent. Low resolution images are loaded with deliberately vague, misleading descriptions and strategic photographs that hide major bodywork imperfections. Starts and drives just means that the car starts and moves 1 inch. If you choose to waste your time to go and view a car, you won't be able to drive it so won't always spot engine issues.

My most recent (and final) purchase was supposedly a finance repossession, starts and drives. The pictures didn't show any damage whatsoever. I paid for the car, waited over an hour for it to be brought out of the yard, noticed a large scrape and crack in rear bumper, scrape on front bumper, large crack in windscreen, none of these items were visible in the 800x600 images on the site. I then proceeded to try and drive it, the second I brought the clutch to biting point there was a loud knock at the front of the car, on further inspection at their yard I realised the whole engine was moving around 3 inches every time I moved off.

At this point I decided I did not want this car it's not as described. I had previously spoken to a member of staff that assured me if the car is not as described you will get a refund. The lady at the counter said that there is nothing wrong with the car and that it was as described. I pointed out the damage and mechanical issues, she then loaded up higher resolution images on her computer and showed me the crack in the screen and scrape to bumpers, so her argument was that the pictures show the damage, she had to zoom into her larger images to show the damage, there is no way anyone would have noticed the damage with the lower resolution images on their website! She then explained that starts and drives just means it starts and moves an inch! Not that it drives further, in other words they have this definition of starts and drives that is not mentioned anywhere in the terms on the site. Regardless of how contractual their terms and cnditions are, if the car is not as described I should legally be allowed to reject it. The lady arrogantly told me to read the terms, said I didn't have a leg to stand on and walked out of the office, not to be seen again. Due to personal commitments I had no choice but to take the car and get home... I got 3 miles down the road before the engine mounts collapsed and I had to get recovered home.

I have spoken to my solicitor who is looking at the terms and conditions and preparing legal proceedings.

This is not really what I expect from an "open and honest organisation".

I've had an estimate of £600 to get these issues resolved. Considering the car was apparently a finance repossession it has an awful amount of damage and is not fit for the road, maybe it was repossessed from a scrap yard? When the log book comes through I will be contacting the previous keeper to verify the repossession claim.

My advice to anyone looking at the motorhog car auctions; take a mechanic with you prior to bidding to inspect the car, do jot rely on the descriptions or photos, demand to test drive the car.

Sorry for the essay, I know there are lots of buyers out there who have been forced to buy junk based on inaccurate misleading descriptions

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